Curves Coach Spotlight: Caroline The Superstar

Caroline S. began as a member in 2007, found a passion for the total-body workout and eventually moved up to becoming a Curves owner in Wytheville, VA! Her dynamic and energetic personality comes from her acting and dancing background where she was in music videos, commercials, and even taught line dancing. She recently took some time to dive into her favorite aspects of Curves and how she stays healthy.

What’s your favorite Curves strength-training machine and why?

The dip shrug! I love how it tones my upper body for wearing tank tops.

What’s your favorite healthy snack to eat?

Lately, I have been hooked on grapes and cottage cheese. I did not like cottage cheese until a few years ago, but I gave it a try with fruit because it was on my Curves meal plan and I learned to enjoy it! It is a great source of protein for after a workout.

What is your favorite motivational word or phrase to keep members motivated while on the Circuit?

“You can do this!”, “You will get through this!” or “You can hate me now and love me later.”

What’s a common health and fitness myth that Curves members should know?

A common thing women will try to do in order to lose weight is cut out carbs completely or go to a very low calorie diet (under 1200). The problem with these two options is that the body needs proper fuel (healthy foods). When the body does not receive that, it’s going to burn up the most fuel efficient substance within the body… your muscle! This may make their scale go down TEMPORARILY, but it will leave them flabby, fatigued and ready to yo-yo back. It is important to eat a well-rounded healthy diet with enough calories for your activity level so that you build and maintain muscle. This keeps your metabolism high and helps you burn more calories throughout the day, which will lead to lasting weight loss.

What’s your favorite advice to give to new Curves members / or to members to keep them going with their workouts? 

For new members, I encourage them to stick to their routine of 3-4 times a week at Curves the first month so it becomes a habit! I tell my many members that consistency is key. Successful people make a habit out of what most people do not want to do.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I was an actress before my Curves career. I lived in Nashville and was in music videos and commercials. I went on tour with VeggieTales Live, and was a host and line dance instructor at the World-Famous Wildhorse Saloon! I actually was asked by Curves to teach line dancing at their Nashville convention in 2009. It was awesome to watch that many people line dance with me at one time!

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