Coach Spotlight: Autumn P.

How long have you been an owner of Curves? Were you a member before and if so, how long?

I’ve been an owner of Curves in Staples, MN since 2004 and an owner of Curves in Little Falls, MN since 2012. I originally worked as a manager at the club in Little Falls starting in 2001. I had just moved to town with my husband and our daughter, and we were out to dinner when I saw the job posting. Knowing nothing about Curves, I decided to apply on a whim. I was the first phone call the owner made and it ended up being a perfect fit. Since then, I now own two clubs and have also worked as a mentor for new and re-sale clubs. I love being able to teach and help people, and Curves has made that happen.

What made you interested in owning a Curves?

I have always been an entrepreneur. Even as a kid, I’d set up pretend stores to “sell” people things. In high school, I helped set up a school store, so owning a business has always been a passion of mine. In college, I studied Exercise Science, so owning a fitness facility where I could incorporate that with my interest in business was ideal. After working as a manager for a few years, I decided to take the next step and purchase the club in Staples, MN.

What is it like to own multiple clubs? How are they alike? How are they different?

It keeps me busy, but I love it. There’s a nice balance between the two locations. For instance, Staples is a much smaller town than Little Falls, so I’m able to sell a lot more product – I think I’m one of three places where you can purchase shirts. With both clubs, I’m able to see and meet so many different people and if I think of something to do at one club, I’m able to apply it to the other so they’re both successful. Being part of a franchise system with each is great as well. Empowering Service Training and the Curves Learning Community have been great tools. I always take advantage of the resources from corporate and apply them in both clubs. It’s really nice to be part of a franchise.

What is something you’re most proud of from your members?

I’m so proud of their results and their persistence. I’ve had so many women tell me they never stuck to any exercise program until they came to Curves. I always tell people “yes, you can go climb a mountain, but can you do that a few times a week for two months?” Curves is something anyone can do, at any fitness level, and continue doing. I’ve had one woman tell me recently her scoliosis is healing and another woman, who just turned 90, tell me she fell and could get back up from the floor with no bruising! Persistence produces results and my members prove that.

What is your favorite machine and why?

I love the squat machine! I always tell members if this is the only machine you can do, it’s the best one. It burns the most calories and really is a total body workout. It helps you gain definition in your legs, which helps you walk. There’s hardly anyone in my club that doesn’t love the squat machine.

How do you keep the circuit fresh?

I do everything that Curves recommends. There is always something fun for the members to do in the club to keep things new and fresh. The monthly challenges have really been amazing. So many women have been engaged with it.

How important it is to be a role model for staff and members?

I feel that it’s the most important thing. I have worked hard on my muscles, and I want people to see that. I want women to say “wow, she’s really physically fit because she works out at Curves.” As a club owner and role model for my staff and members, I should practice what I preach. I can’t tell you what to do each week, without doing it myself.

What is one piece of advice you could give to women trying to build muscle or lose weight?

It’s all about patience, persistence, and being able to recognize what’s working for you. Meeting with your coach regularly the first week of each month and letting them assess your workouts and nutrition is so important. Trust in your coach and know that they have the tools and keys to help you.

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