Workout of the Week is here! Message from our president read now

Workout of the Week is here!

Hi, it’s Krishea, President and CEO of Curves. If you’ve been a member for very long, you probably know this year, Curves turns 30! We’ve been celebrating here at Curves all year long! We’ve just completed our 30th Birthday Convention with our Franchisees. The convention is my favorite time of year! The team and I get to visit with franchisees from around the globe and hear about your success. We also get to share upcoming initiatives and how we will work together to improve your member experience!

If you didn’t already know, your Curves is owned by a small business owner that has dedicated their life to helping women like you get healthy! Together, our goal is always to ensure that your member experience is constantly improving. At Curves, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the Japanese business concept of “Kaizen”. Kaizen is the practice of continuously improving and evolving. These efforts are small changes that can make BIG impacts!

So, what does this mean for you? It means we’ve got some improvements heading to the circuit. Don’t worry! These improvements are small, but they will make a BIG impact on your workout and RESULTS. Starting the week of August 29th, we will be introducing the Workout of the Week! We call it the “WOW”. We’ve been testing the WOW for seven months in select clubs around the globe, and the feedback and results from members have been outstanding!

Here’s what members are saying:
  • “Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone.” – Kathy
  • “I’m so sweaty. That workout kicked my butt.” – Carissa
  • “I like how I don’t have to think of something to do on the mats.” – Teresa
  • “I really like this!” – Frankie
  • “I got a great workout. It was great to try new things I normally wouldn’t incorporate.” – Lena

So, what is the WOW? Remember, I said this is a small update! Your coach will guide you on the mats through four movements repeated throughout the workout. The WOW will include cardio, boxing, balance, and body basics movements. Repeating the same four movements throughout the week will allow you to gain familiarity and confidence with the exercises, so you will spend less time figuring out what the movement is and more time doing them. This leads to a great workout and results!

Workouts are designed for all fitness levels! No matter if you are a beginner or an expert. Your coach will guide you on proper form, intensity, and range of motion to get the best workout for YOU. We can’t wait for you to give a WOW workout a try! We ask that you support your coach and owner by giving WOW a try. They are making these improvements so that you get the best possible results!

Lastly, the WOW workout is included in all membership types. And it’s FREE with your membership. So, you have nothing to lose and only strength to gain! We can’t wait to hear about your first WOW experience at Curves. Thank you again for supporting Curves and the local business owner in your area! Make sure you give your club owner(s) and coach(es) a big birthday HIGH FIVE/HUG. We also encourage you to share this with anyone who is not yet a Curves member. We are offering all non-members a free workout so they can experience all the benefits of Curves and the new WOW workout! A recommendation is the best gift you can give your owner!

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