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Meet Amanda – Curves VP

I want to introduce you to Amanda Merriam, Vice President of Curves NA, Inc.

She is my right hand and trusted partner in overseeing the day to day operations of Curves.  When she’s not wearing a thousand different hats at the Home Office, Amanda is looking for ways to put the Curves brand in the spotlight. You’ll find Amanda representing Curves at vendor events, fitness expos, franchising conferences, providing training for our franchise owners, working with our vendors, planning our Conventions, and more.

The Journey Begins

Amanda is one of the newest team members here at Curves with a tenure of 7 years!   She was actually hired by Curves while I was living abroad managing the Australia and New Zealand Curves system.  Within the first two weeks of my return to the US, she and I quickly started traveling together to promote Curves and bringing live training to our franchise owners.  We did this pretty much 3 weeks a month for over 4 years!   It didn’t take me long to realize that hiring Amanda was one of the best gifts professionally or personally that I had ever received.   We share the same goals, ambition to succeed, and desire to strengthen women!

A Match Made in Curves Heaven

With both of us traveling and being away from our husbands and kiddos so much, we work during the day and strategize in the evening.  She’s my “work wife” – it seems we spend more time together than with our families.  We even split meals when we travel to stay on track with our fitness and weight loss goals…and sometimes we may share a bottle of wine, too.  We brainstorm ideas and then figure out how to action them.  MyCurves On Demand was one of those many evenings of ideas and strategies.

Professionally, I can best describe our relationship as similar to the concept of Yin Yang.  Our skills complement one another.  Where one of us has a gap, the other fills the void.  While developing future initiatives, one of us may come up with the beginning of an amazing idea.  The other will easily help finish the thought, sentence, or plan, and vice versa.  Most importantly, Amanda strengthens me!

That Curves Indomitable Spirit

Personally, she’s an inspiration to anyone who knows her.  She not only excels at work, but she’s always striving to do extraordinary things in her personal life as well!  As an avid marathon runner, she has completed multiple races and challenges.  Just last January she completed the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Dopey Challenge – a 48-mile course run over 4 days.  She made the decision to use her run to raise money for several Curves Cares Partners – the American Cancer Society, the Canadian Cancer Society, and Women Against Alzheimer’s.   For more information, please visit our Curves Cares web page.

I’m honored to have Amanda by my side every day.  Her talents, integrity, entrepreneurial spirit, and grit to win push me and the rest of the company to succeed every day.  She is a great example to her daughters, the other women here at Curves, and the owners and staff who have learned so much from her training.


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