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January 2017 Featured Moves and Machine

It’s a new year FULL of possibilities! Make ‘becoming stronger’ a 2017 resolution. Challenge your body with these invigorating workouts that help with balance and strengthening your muscles.

Football Run with Touchdown

Benefits: Being agile is important at any age; combining cardio, strength and flexibility is how you’ll accomplish that with this move.

Instructions: In a wide stance with knee soft, begin to run your feet fast, barely lifting the feet off the floor, with the hips stable and square to the front. From here, squat low, bringing your butt down towards the floor being sure not to let the knees pass the toes and touch the ground with one hand. Bring both hands to the front and stand back up. Begin to run again. Squat down low, touch the ground and come back up bringing both hands up to the front. Be sure to squat low to touch the ground rather than bending over.

Lunge Runner

Benefits: This is a challenging move that uses balance, coordination, and strength.

Instructions: Begin by dropping one leg back behind you as though you’re getting ready to take off in a sprint. Drop down using your thigh and butt then press through your leg to come back up. Continue to lower down and come up, focusing on your core to hold your torso upright. Reach down with your arm to enable your whole body to be a part of this exercise. As you go into the rear lunge, your opposite hand should tap the floor.

Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curl

Benefits: Working multiple body parts at one time is a great way to get the job done in terms of increasing your fitness and strength levels.

Instructions: Stand with feet together then step backwards with one leg into a rear lunge. Bend knees and sink down aiming to create a 90-degree angle in both knees with the back knee an inch from the ground. Simultaneously perform a biceps curl as you lower in the lunge and return your arms to sides as you rise back up. Repeat the reverse lunge with the other leg and biceps curl. Continue to lunge alternating legs while also performing a biceps curl.

Three-Legged Down Dog

Benefits: Being able to move from standing to the floor and back up is essential as we age. Having the balance to do it gracefully is a perk! This move will provide you with strength and balance as you perform it.


From the down dog position, lift one leg up, pressing equally through hands and squaring hips to the ground. Hold and then release, bringing the foot back to the floor, placing it stable on the floor and repeat lifting the other foot off the floor.

Machine: Glute

This machine will strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and iliopsoas. Stand in the machine with your hip over your ankle. Flex forward at the waist, grasp handles and brace your chest and elbows against the pads. Keep your bottom knee soft but stable for support. Place foot on pedal and extend the machine backwards fast. Bring pedal back in slowly to the starting position. This machine will strengthen your lower body to allow you more freedom in daily living.


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