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April 2017 Featured Moves and Machine

Plank Knee Tap

Benefits: Challenging yourself is the key to success when it comes to exercise and this move will do just that. Maintaining the plank position while tapping the knee works strength and balance simultaneously.

How to do it:

Get into plank position, place palms directly under your shoulders, straighten your arms, engage your core, tuck belly button into the spine which is neutral, head should not be up or down, then take a deep breath in, exhale and bring one knee up in toward the chest, and tap it with the opposite hand then bring it back out to starting position. Repeat this motion with the other leg coming in and tapping it with the opposing hand again.

Static Lunge With Row

Benefits: The lunge is a move that engages many lower body muscles. Adding the row into the static lunge makes not just your body do more work, but your mind is held to a higher standard too. Win-win all around.

How to do it:

Step backward into a lunge with one foot. Hinge slightly forward at the hips keeping your core tight. Bring your arms slightly to the front with the palms facing in and pull them back up keeping your elbows near your chest. Staying in the lunge position, continue to pull elbows back, keeping the hands near the body, stopping when your elbows get to a 90-degree angle and hands are near the chest and return your hands back down to your sides straightening your arms. Use your core to keep your torso upright.

Front Kick Front Leg

Benefits: Boxing can be an out-of-the-box activity, but the reality is we do many of the movements from the boxing class in our regular daily activities such as playing games with kids or kicking a ball in soccer.

How to do it:  

Begin in the boxers’ stance. Rotate the body towards the front leg. When the body squares to the front, kick to the front with the rear leg. Throw the arm of the kicking leg as you throw the kick. Rotate back, returning the rear leg to the ground in the start position. Keep your core tight and your body in a straight line from the leg through the mid-section to the shoulders. Don’t overextend the kick and remember, everything comes from the core.

Flowing Warrior 2

Benefits: A great Yoga inspired move, this one works your balance and strength and allows you to center yourself during your workout.

How to do it:

Begin in a deep side lunge to the left placing your arms straight out to the sides parallel to the ground. Turn your right foot directly to the side and bend your front leg until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Bring your left hand straight up towards the ceiling as you drop your right hand towards your rear leg. Look up slightly and then come back to the parallel position.

Featured Machine: Recovery Stepper

Stand on the steps with good posture. Grasp handles firmly. Slowly step avoiding leaning forward or backwards. Be sure the steps are slow so added movement doesn’t occur on the hands. Keep feet flat on the steps and step lightly. The stepper will not overload your muscles. It is intended for muscle recovery and to check heart rate.

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