The Inner Circle

  • Live
  • Nov 4, 2018

How to Keep Muscles Toned As You Age

Healthy muscles don't just make you look lean and toned; they are the powerhouses that fuel your metabolism.

  • Live
  • Nov 2, 2018

3 Best Steps to Help Prevent Diabetes

A reminder to take stock of your health and make sure you are doing everything you can to prevent diabetes this November- National Diabetes Month.

  • Live
  • Oct 3, 2018

Importance of Strength Training for Women

Even if you don’t need to lose weight, you might not be physically fit. And the kind of strength training offered by Curves provides weight-bearing exercise for strong bones and cardio for a healthy heart.

  • Live
  • Oct 3, 2018

Get to Know your BMI

Even if you know the value of your BMI, you may still wonder what that number really means.

  • Live
  • Oct 3, 2018

Exercise to Extend your Life

You know exercise makes you feel great and helps control your weight, but did you know it can add years to your life? With all its benefits, having a workout plan like the Curves Circuit can extend not only the quantity of your life but also the quality of it.

  • Live
  • Oct 2, 2018

Winning Strategies for a Healthy Halloween

Take control over Halloween with these great ways to stay on track with your health and fitness routine.

  • Live
  • Oct 1, 2018

5 Healthy Ways To Start Your Day Right

Make the time to slow down and ease yourself into the day and wonders for your physical and mental health.

  • Live
  • Sep 3, 2018

12 Easy Slim-Down Tips for Every Season

From holiday treats to relaxing vacations, there are several challenges to maintaining weight goals year round.

  • Live
  • Sep 2, 2018

10 Tips for Better Sleep

For your weight, energy, and almost every other element of health, you need to get good sleep.

  • Live
  • Aug 10, 2018

Drink Up! How to Stay Hydrated During Your Workout

Water makes up half of your body and is the best fuel for your body. It plays a crucial part in your body's processes and is one of the most important pieces of workout equipment you can bring with you to the gym.

  • Live
  • Jun 29, 2018

Weight Affects Much More than The Number on the Scale

Here are some unexpected ways gaining weight can affect your life, as well as what you can do to motivate yourself to change them.

  • Live
  • Jun 13, 2018

Say Goodbye to Stress

80% of Americans reported experiencing at least one symptom of stress over the past month.

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