Winning Strategies for a Healthy Halloween

Halloween brings out the kid in all of us. Carving pumpkins and designing costumes gives us a chance to relive a bit of our childhood. But as much as we all love Halloween, it can be difficult to stay on track with our healthy eating and fitness routine. This year, take control over Halloween with these great ways to stay on track.

Beef up your workout routine

Halloween is the beginning of a very busy and hectic holiday season. Unfortunately, when we’re really busy, we tend to eat poorly and exercise less. That’s why the busier you are, the more important it is to stick with your regular fitness routine. In fact, adding in an extra workout here and there in October can help keep you focused and on track. Challenge yourself to complete several additional workouts leading up to, and after, Halloween.

Go ahead and party

There’s no need to skip the Halloween parties – just be sensible and remember to moderate. Try using these tips to stay focused and on target. Eat a healthy meal before you go to help you feel full and be less tempted by all the sugary treats. Take a plate of healthy snacks with you to share. This will ensure there is something available that you feel good about eating. Be active at the party. Volunteer to help with games or clean up. Keeping busy will leave less time for idle munching.

Have a treat strategy

Getting enough exercise during the Halloween season is important, but we also need to tackle the challenge that all those ubiquitous treats present. If you’re planning to give out treats to trick-or-treaters, forget the chocolate and caramel. Instead, give out packs of sugar-free gum or better yet, novelty toys like glow sticks or stickers. If you do give sugary treats, wait until the last minute to buy them, so you’re not tempted to snack, and then only get the amount you’re sure you’ll need.

Just say no to all the treats you’re offered in your office, bank, or other places of business. Deciding in advance that eating an unlimited amount of candy is off limits. Decide to choose one small piece of your very favorite candy, once in a while. This will help you avoid any impulse decisions when you’re put on the spot.

Halloween doesn’t have to be a time of deprivation or over-indulgence. Following these tips can help you enjoy the holiday to its fullest without derailing your health and fitness plan.

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