The Inner Circle

  • Move
  • Oct 10, 2013

Really? Shopping Can Equal 7 Marathons?

While its no secret that shopping is one of women's favourite activities, according to a UK- based survey it's also a worthwhile exercise.

  • Live
  • Oct 9, 2013

Unravel your life

Skills like knitting, canning, and sewing are back in vogue. Instead of buying vine-ripened tomatoes at the store, more of us are growing our own.

  • Nourish
  • Oct 9, 2013

Rest Right

Sleep is not just to look good but also to stay healthy. Insomnia can lead to health problems, including high blood pressure and heart disease.

  • Nourish
  • Oct 9, 2013

Keep Your Stress in Check with a Few Surprising Strategies

Modern life, with its hectic pace often puts unnecessary pressure, or stress, on our bodies. Some stress can be good however too much...

  • Belong
  • Oct 9, 2013

Ugly Talk

When women get together and chat, they so often express dissatisfaction with their bodies that scientists refer to the phenomenon as “fat talk.”

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