The Importance of Self-Care

You work hard to take care of your family and friends, but how much time do you actually invest in taking care of yourself? Giving yourself permission for self-care may be out of your comfort zone, but there are many reasons why making your needs a priority will help you—and the others around you—experience a better quality of life. If you feel run down, stressed, overwhelmed or tired frequently because you have too much on your plate, make sure you spend some time on YOU. After all, taking time to focus on a healthy diet, go on a reflective walk, or 30-minute workout at Curves can help you reboot so you can give even more to those you love.

Here are a few health tips to help you take better care of yourself:

Make exercise a high priority

If a workout plan is currently low on your priority list, it’s time to move it up in the name of good self-care. First, consider how many benefits of exercising regularly1 you may be missing out on. Even if you live a very busy lifestyle, taking just 30 minutes out of your day to exercise can be enough to get your heart rate up, strengthen key muscle groups, and release endorphins that may give your mood a boost. If you need to get in shape or lose a few pounds, a whole body workout can help with that, too. Not to mention the mental health benefits of exercise. So, to unleash the most productive, present you, get up a little earlier so you can log in that full body workout before you start your day.

Eat for your health

In addition to regular exercise, feeding your body with a healthy eating plan is an important part of good self-care. Make a meal plan for yourself if that’s easier for you, or just cook up larger batches of healthy recipes when you have time, so you always have something to count on when things get busy. If meal planning feels like another item on your already overwhelming to do list, consider talking to your Curves coach about strategies for healthy eating.

Get your rest

Skimping on sleep in the name of adding more hours to your day will only backfire, leaving you stressed, anxious, and irritable during the day. According to the National Sleep Foundation2, most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. Make sure you set up your schedule to allow for plenty of shuteye and you’ll be able to tackle the day with more energy and purpose.

Relax on purpose

Meditation3 and relaxation exercises may help you wind down after a busy day and feel more grounded. If you have a hard time falling asleep most nights of the week or you just feel generally tense and stressed, making the time for mindfulness meditation4 can be one way to take better care of yourself. By being more mindful, you will become more present in the moment, into what you’re doing, and able to take on whatever life throws at you. This, in turn, will make you a happier person who is better able to show kindness and positivity to others.

When it comes to self-care, one place you can receive a healthy eating plan, total body workout, and supportive environment is Curves. Whether or not you need to lose weight or get in shape, membership in a women’s gym like Curves will give you the physical and emotional support you need to be the best possible you—for yourself and the ones you love.

To find out more about how you can informed lifestyle and health choices, visit our blog under the ‘Live’ category! You can also learn more about how the Curves Circuit can benefit your lifestyle here.

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2 National Sleep Foundation

3 Harvard Health Publishing

4 Foundation for a Mindful Society

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