5 Steps to Help Renew Your Fitness Routine

As seasons change, many of us need to re-evaluate and re-commit to regular gym workouts, healthy diets, and a weight management frame of mind. It’s a natural time for making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. It’s the perfect time to join a new gym program or women’s fitness club, or to re-establish a membership you’ve let slide. With that added weight loss motivation in mind, here are five steps to help you follow through on your fitness relationship goals.

Make a mental commitment.

The first step in renewing your healthy lifestyle and exercise routine or starting a new workout plan is to acknowledge that it’s a priority. You must want to get in shape and follow a healthy eating plan in order to be successful. Identify your internal weight loss motivators and then tap into them to help you stay on track. To do this, complete these sentences:

Being physically active makes me feel good about __________.


The part of my workout plan that I enjoy most is _________.


The most personally satisfying thing about my exercise routine is __________.

Ink your full body workouts on your calendar.

For optimal results for getting in shape, you should be going to Curves gym to complete the Circuit and/or streaming videos from MyCurves On Demand three or four times a week. Treat your whole body workouts as seriously as you would a doctor’s appointment, because they are indeed just as important to your health. Think about your schedule and find a time in your day when nothing is likely to interfere; then mark your gym workouts on the same calendar you use for can’t-miss events, such as work meetings or dentist appointment. If you set reminders on your phone before important meetings, use that same reminder for full body workouts on the Circuit or Curves classes. This reinforces the idea that your gym workout is a high-priority event you don’t want to miss.

Take inspiration from the season.

Follow the call of the outdoors to walk or ride your bike in addition to engaging in your exercise routine at Curves. Seek out fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies as part of your weight loss eating plan. After all, fruits and veggies make great post-workout foods. Let these fresh, nutritious parts of your healthy eating plan lure you back to your favorite dishes: roasted vegetables, a green salad with fruit, pecans, and a sprinkling of cheese.

Ask, don’t tell.

Rather than command yourself to make a healthy choice, pose a question. For example, rather than tell yourself, “I will have a piece of fruit with lunch,” ask, “Will I have a piece of fruit with lunch, today?” Asking the question forces you to think about your reasons for your choice. It triggers your internal weight loss motivation and, hopefully, your answer will be “yes.”

Weigh yourself regularly.

Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight with your exercise routine and healthy eating plan, step on the scale every day. Research finds1 that the more frequently dieters weigh themselves, the more successful they are at staying on target with their fitness relationship goals, and the more weight they lose. To make weigh-ins a habit, do them when you brush your teeth in the morning or right before you step in the shower. Linking weigh-ins to an already-established habit helps you remember to do them. Plus, weighing in at the same time under the same circumstances (weigh yourself naked) helps you get a more accurate picture of weight fluctuations.

When seasons change it’s always an invigorating time to tap into that energy and use it to craft your perfect, healthful eating plan and exercise routine. At Curves, you will get the weight loss encouragement you need to keep going, as well as the strength-building full body workout,  cardio classes, and diet plan for women that will help you lose weight and keep it off as you approach the rest of the year!



  1. Weighing every day matters: daily weighing improves weight loss and adoption of weight control behaviors

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