5 Simple Ways to Stay on Track this Season

‘Tis the season to be busy. We totally understand–running holiday errands and making appearances at parties on top of the day-to-day routine leaves little time to focus on you. But this holiday season, don’t forget to take time out of each day to squeeze in 30 minutes of “me-time” at Curves. Not only will circuit-training at Curves help you reach your fitness goal, but it will also take the edge off the seasonal stress. Here some helpful tips on how to stay on track during the holidays.

1. Prep the night before and get ready to rise and shine

If you’re having trouble finding time in your busy schedule to make it to Curves, set your alarm just 30 minutes earlier than usual, slip on your workout clothes that you laid out the night before, and head to the gym before the craziness of the day begins.

2. Say ‘No’

Have just one too many gatherings to attend? Don’t feel bad about respectfully declining. You can only do so much in one day and cherish your time. Use that little bit of extra time to work out.

3. Make yourself #1

Challenge yourself to a total body workout five times a week. Make it your goal to make you a priority during the holiday season. Complete your challenge by New Year’s Day and reward yourself! Treat yourself to a stress-relieving spa day, a trip to the mall to shop post-holiday sales, or tickets to an upcoming concert.

4. Invite a friend to stay motivated

Have a friend who is ready to make their lifestyle healthier? Help them sign up for a Curves membership, and you’ll be ready to start working out together. You’ll be less likely to put off or cancel workout plans with a friend. Besides the extra motivation, you’ll have fun catching up during a post-circuit stretch.

5. Visit another location

Taking a trip doesn’t mean you have to skip working out. You’d be surprised how a change of scenery can make you feel motivated. Ask your coach about a Curves membership that allows you a travel pass. With locations coast-to-coast, there’s bound to be a Curves in the neighborhood, so you can continue to burn calories and strength train while on vacation.

To find out more about how you can informed lifestyle and health choices, visit our blog under the ‘Live’ category! You can also learn more about how the Curves Circuit can benefit your lifestyle here.

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