Our Clinical Research

Our clinical research, conducted at the Exercise and Sports Nutrition Lab at Texas A&M, demonstrates that Curves Complete burns more fat than the leading diet program and builds lean muscle to rev-up your metabolism for long term success. For the latest information about research conducted on the Curves fitness and weight-loss program visit the Texas A&M research website at www.ExerciseandSportNutritionLab.com

– August 11, 2018 Galbreath M, B Campbell, P LaBounty, J Bunn, J Dove, T Harvey, G Hudson, JL Gutierrez, K Levers, E Galvan, A Jagim, L Greenwood, MB Cooke, M Greenwood, C Rasmussen, RB Kreider. Effects of adherence to higher protein diet on weight loss, markers of health, and functional capacity in senior-aged women participating in a resistance-based exercise program.  Nutrients.  10(8), 1070;, 2018.

– October 16, 2018 Coletta AM, B Sanchez, A O’Connor, R Dalton, S Springer, MS Koozehchian, PS Murano, CR Woodman, C Rasmussen, RB Kreider. Alignment of diet prescription to genotype does not promote greater weight loss success in women with obesity participating in an exercise and weight loss program. Obesity Science & Practice. 2018.  10.1002/osp4.305, i.org/10.1002/osp4.305.

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