Top Tummy Filling Foods

Want to know which foods are most satisfying and help to keep you feeling full for longer? When trying to lose weight, it’s not always about how much you eat, but rather what you eat.

Foods that are high in dietary fibre, protein and healthy fats are essential for providing that full feeling without contributing too many calories.

Dietary Fibre

Foods that are high in dietary fibre release their energy more slowly keeping you feeling full for longer. Foods high in fibre are also great for keeping our blood sugar and insulin levels stable, preventing energy dips and cravings for high fat and high sugar foods. Some excellent examples include;

  • Oats and other complex carbohydrates (wholegrain bread, pasta and rice)
  • Fresh fruits such as berries, oranges and apples – skin of fruits are great roughage and contribute many vitamins and minerals to help keep you feeling full for longer


Like fibre, protein in foods also helps to slow down digestion and has a great satiety effect. In fact, protein-rich foods have the highest satiety effect of all! Great high protein foods include;

  • Low fat dairy products such as Greek yoghurt, milk and cottage cheese
  • Lentils and legumes – these have a double whammy effect being high in both protein and fibre

Healthy Fats

During the digestion process, fats are one of the last nutrients in foods to be broken down and digested. Although high in calories, foods that are high in fat make us feel full more quickly, meaning we don’t need to eat as much to feel full. Think quality over quantity! Some great sources of healthy fats include;

  • Oily fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel
  • Avocado
  • Nuts and seeds
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