What is a Hydraulic Resistance Machine?

First of all they’re the machines we use at Curves, and we’re very proud of them.

Our machines are specialist equipment that helps set us apart from our competitors. Why? Because a hydraulic resistance machine helps you look good and – most importantly – feel good.

Our favourite reason though is that our equipment is accessible to everyone, from novices that want to try their hand at toning their body for the first time to seasoned professionals that like to lift.

Except, you’re not really lifting with our machines. So how do they work? The most important word here is resistance.
There is no weight-based pulley on a hydraulic resistance machine. Take the traditional chest press as an example; normally you’d set the weight, push the bars out to lift, then ease the weight back to its starting position.

Easing the weight back into its starting position can cause problems. It’s a negative movement where you’re lowering the weight back into position, and counters the positive resistance of pushing the weight away from you.

The negative portion is called eccentric movement. Our hydraulic resistance machines don’t have that movement, though, thanks to the unique way they’re designed.

Like the name implies the system is based on hydraulic movement. Instead of a large pile of weights machines are fitted with hydraulic pistons which create resistance with the oil flow within their cylinders.

The system creates a smooth resistance which can be increased by speeding up the tempo for a harder workout, making it a fantastic all-round workout for everybody.

As there’s no eccentric movement then, how does it work? Easy – instead of lowering the resistance back to the starting position, you pull it back, which works a second set of muscles.

Take the chest press example again. Like before you’d sit and push the weight out. Instead of having the negative resistance pushing back on you, however, the machine will stop at that position.

To get it back to its starting position you would then have to pull it back, working your back and shoulder muscles as well as your chest ones. So at Curves we are working two opposing muscle groups, our machine is called the Chest Back Machine.

All movements create their own resistance with our hydraulic resistance machines, as you become stronger, you can push harder and the machines offer more resistance.  They are a fantastic way to tone muscles as well as get a phenomenal cardiovascular workout.

Research shows they’re safer than standard weight machines, offer less risk, and are fantastic for all age groups to try. They’re available to everyone and are incredibly easy to use, even for people that have never lifted a weight in their life.

Our machines cover a huge majority of resistance exercises and focus on all the major muscle groups in the body, condensing workouts and saving time as you tone different muscles on one machine.

To find out more about the resistance machines we use to help you shed the kilos contact the Curves team today!

To find out more about the resistance machines we use to help you shed the kilos contact the Curves team, or visit your nearest Curves gym today!

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