Life’s Better with Balance

It’s not surfers who benefits from good balance. Whether you enjoy walking the water’s edge at the beach, a game of badminton in the backyard, or a doubles match on the tennis court, balance plays a key role in performance, injury-prevention, and the pleasure you get from your favourite activities.

This mind-body skill is integral to all physical activity from the day-to-day to weekly workouts to weekend sports and leisure activities, and it switches on as soon as you get up out of your chair.

Good balance is a remarkable coordination of muscles, nerves, brain, and your senses. Every move you make sparks rapid-fire communication throughout your body aimed at coordinating nerve impulses and muscle contractions to produce even tiny adjustments that keep you upright whether you are standing, walking over shifting sand, or running after a tennis ball.

If there were seven wonders of the human body, balance would be one of them. But as complicated as it is physiologically, better balance may be simple to achieve with practice through the Curves Body Balance Circuit.*

This class takes the traditional circuit and inserts balance exercises between the resistance moves you perform on the machines. The class lasts only 30 minutes and still provides both a strength and cardio workout, but you can work on improving your balance, too, through a series of single-leg poses. Each move challenges mind and body and the connection between the two that is the essence of balance. Don’t worry if you aren’t yet very steady on one leg–simply touching the toe of your opposite foot to the floor as you perform each pose will keep you from wobbling.

And there’s a bonus! You’ll get in some core work, too, as these poses recruit your abs, hips, and lower back muscles to help provide stability.

Have your best summer ever by getting your body and mind in shape to perform at their peak. When warm, sunny days beckon, you’ll be prepared to have fun.

Your Curves Coach is there to lead you through every gym workout. With your Curves Coach success is within reach. Visit ‘Why Curves‘ to find out more about Curves women’s only gyms and our full body workout on the Curves Circuit, or find your local Curves and sign up today! Find your local Curves here!

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