Shoulder Press Lat Pull Down Machine

The shoulder press lat pull down machine is fantastic for strengthening and toning the shoulders by exercising the trapezius (also called your “traps”), the deltoids, and the latissimus dorsi along your back (commonly known as your “lats”). The benefits to using the shoulder press lat pull down machine on the Curves Circuit include improving shoulder strength and stability, improving your posture and increasing your range of motion.

How to use the shoulder press lat pull down machine

As you grasp the handles, place a little pressure on the handles so that you start with your hands at shoulder height. Move the machine as fast as you can in both directions while maintaining proper form and your full range of motion. Try not to hesitate on the top or bottom of the movement. Forcefully push the handle bars up quickly to effectively work your deltoids and trapezius. Pull the handle bars back down to starting position just as quickly in order to work your latissimus dorsi to its fullest potential. Keep your elbows tucked in close to help target the appropriate muscle groups.

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