4 Habits of People Who Don’t Skip Workouts

Have you ever wondered why it seems so easy for some people to stick to their workout plan? It’s almost like they have some sort of special gene that gives them the extra motivation they need to keep going month after month. But in reality, there’s no magic or mystery involved. These people have just developed good habits that make exercising a more natural part of their lives. Here are four habits of people who don’t skip workouts and how you can adopt them too.

Habit 1 – They integrate their workout plan into other parts of their life

Each of us has a routine that we follow day after day. Maybe we work five days a week or volunteer three days a week. Whatever these tasks are, they’re mandatory and not up for negotiation. The trick is to integrate your full body workout into one of these mandatory tasks. Work out on your way home from work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or before you pick the kids up from school. Associating one of these tasks with your circuit training workout will make it more disruptive to skip.

Habit 2 – They work out with a buddy

It’s far easier to skip a workout if you’re committed to no one but yourself. So, one way to be more successful is to recruit a buddy to join you. If you’ve committed to meeting someone on specific days at specific times, skipping a workout not only lets yourself down, it lets your buddy down as well. And research shows that not only does exercising with a friend make you more accountable, it makes you fitter, too. A 2016 study published in Obesity found people who were exercising to lose weight lost more pounds when they spent time with their fit friends. Plus, there’s something to be said about the positive vibes you get with your gym workout at Curves, where you are surrounded by supportive friends. Another study found people tend to mimic the exercise habits of those around them.

Habit 3 – They keep a fitness diary

Keeping a fitness diary is an excellent habit to help you stay on track. First, you get satisfaction from just writing it down … “Look! I did that!” But it also gives you a chance to record how you feel on days you exercise as well as on days you don’t. When you’re able to make the connection for yourself that you feel better when you’re exercising regularly, it makes your workouts a higher priority. Keep track of the Curves classes you take to make sure you’re trying a variety of levels and keep your workouts interesting.

Habit 4 – They enjoy their workout routine

Research shows that exercise is more beneficial when people enjoy it than when they sweat and bear it just to get it done. A 2015 study found people who exercise for the fun of it are less likely to eat afterward than people who exercise purely as part of a weight loss plan. So, if there’s something you don’t like about your workout, change it up. If a class is starting to feel tedious, switch to something new. You have the power to create an exercise routine that equals the best workout for your personality and fitness needs.

You can take the excuses out of working out regularly just by adopting some or all of these habits. Give them a try and you’ll soon be the person others look at and say, “I wonder how she does it?”

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