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Why You Will Be More Motivated to Work Out if You Bring a Friend

Most things in life are better with a friend, and that’s especially true of our fitness pursuits. Admit it, sometimes it’s really difficult to find the motivation to work out: you’re too busy, too tired, or discouraged by your progress. Going to Curves with a friend will erase potential roadblocks on your path to fitness and good health. Here’s what a fitness buddy can do for you:

She’ll keep you true.

Though you might bag a date you’ve made with yourself, you’re far less likely to cancel plans with your friend. So make a workout date with a friend.

She’ll give you a pep talk when you need one.

Good friends have each other’s back, right? So on days when you just don’t feel like hitting the circuit, turn to your workout pal for a pep talk. Someday you’ll return the favor, reminding her how important Curves is to fitness but also how great you’ll both feel after just 30 minutes.

She can offer tips on technique.

Make a pact to point out any slip-ups in technique that you spot (it can happen to the best of us). When you work out in good form, you avoid injury and you get your best results.

She’ll push you to your highest level.

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to get you working harder around the circuit. A best effort gets best results. And when you are stronger and slimmer, you’re happier and more motivated to keep coming back to Curves to achieve your ultimate goals.

She makes it fun.

Studies show that those who exercise with friends, enjoy their workout more. A friendly face on the circuit, sharing remarks on recovery stations, catching up during the post-workout stretch, and maybe heading for a cup of coffee afterward—all of it makes the experience more enjoyable. You’ll look forward to your next visit.

So rather than hope that your Curves buddies will be there when you go, plan ahead of time to meet on the circuit at the same time. Don’t have a Curves buddy? Talk with your Curves Coach about getting a buddy pass so you can introduce a friend to fitness and fun.

The Curves women’s gym workout is convenient, combining strength training and cardio plus stretching – all in just 30 minutes – to strengthen your whole body. For more information about Curves and the full body workouts the Curves Circuit provides, visit ‘Why Curves’.

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