Why Choose a Curves Coach Over a Personal Trainer

When many women decide they want to lose weight and start working out, they have no idea where to start. How long should I work out? What type of exercise plan is safe? What’s the best full body workout for women like me? If you are new to exercise—or getting back to it after a long break—these are just a few of the questions you may face. 

For women who are well into their exercise routine, there could be a weight loss plateau, drop in motivation, or burnout with their workout plan.

A good way to go for those embarking on a new workout plan or struggling to stay motivated with their current one is a personal trainer, someone who can advise them on how they should be working out. But certified, experienced personal trainers can be expensive and hard to come by.1

Luckily, if you are a member of Curves women’s gym, you get the support and advice of a certified Curves Coach at each full body workout session, included with your membership to Curves women’s gym.

Why Use a Personal Trainer?

Women turn to personal trainers for different reasons. Some of the most common include help with getting in shape, assistance with achieving a weight loss goal, accountability, and failure to see results with a current exercise routine. Others want support and supervision as they engage in their workout plan. 2

The right personal trainers can help with all these things; however, many women become dissatisfied with their trainers. For one, it can become expensive to hire a personal trainer on top of paying gym fees. And less expensive personal trainers often lack the proper qualifications and training. In other cases, women simply can’t find a good personal trainer in their area to help them get what they want from their workout plans. 3

Why Use a Curves Coach?

If you’ve struggled to find a good personal trainer or found trainers you’ve used haven’t given you what you need, look no further—a Curves Coach can step in! There’s a Curves Coach available at every Curves location, like your own personal trainer waiting to help you maximize each full body workout for women and to provide accountability and motivation to boot. And because your Curves Coach is included with your membership, there’s no extra personal trainer fee. You can get your Curves Coach’s help in club or virtually online, and all are real live human Coaches—no bots or automated support. If you choose to participate in MyCurves On Demand + Group Coaching online, you’ll attend video chats with other goal-focused women offering community and support, and a Curves Coach to help guide and keep you accountable. Here are some of the benefits of having a Curves Coach at your all women’s gym:

Curves Coaches are qualified and experienced.

Many Curves Coaches have lost weight and gotten healthier by doing the Curves program themselves. Plus, they go through a comprehensive training program to become certified Curves Coaches ready to help others on their weight loss journeys as well.

Curves Coaches will help you achieve your goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, boost your endurance, or look more toned, your Curves Coach will give you the guidance and motivation you need. And with Curves membership options, you can choose to meet with your Coach in-person or virtually online.  

Curves Coaches will help you stay safe.

Safety is a huge priority at Curves all women’s gym. As you go through the Curves circuit, our coaches will watch to make sure you are using proper form and assure you get the safest, most effective full body workout.

Curves Coaches will hold you accountable.

Studies have shown those who have an accountability partner are much more likely to achieve their fitness goals. Your Curves Coach will hold you accountable to show up for your full body workout and make the most of the circuit once you’re there. Accountability is an important part of staying motivated and getting in your Curves workout, whether your Coach is expecting you to show up in the club or check-in virtually.

Curves Coaches will motivate you.

Whether it’s your first day on the Curves circuit or you’re close to achieving your goals with MyCurves On Demand, Curves Coaches will be there to motivate you and cheer you on every step of the way. 4

Are you ready to begin your personalized fitness journey with the support of one of our Curves Coaches? Find out more about the Curves Circuit here!


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