What Is the Difference Between Curves & A Regular Gym?

A gym is not just a gym anymore. Gone are the days when your only choice for a workout venue was a cold, loud, open space filled with muscly men. There are an increasing number of gym franchises, workout facilities, and exercise classes these days, some of which are specifically fitness programs for women. With so many choices, you may be wondering, how is Curves different from other gyms?

Curves is a gym designed for women and sets itself apart from other gyms and fitness programs in several ways. For one, it’s proven. Curves has been around for more than a quarter-century, delivering an effective fitness program for women at a fraction of the price of many gym memberships. Across the world, thousands of women have gotten healthier with the help of Curves. Here are some other unique things Curves offers:1

Curves is a 30-minute fitness program

The total body circuit workout at Curves only takes 30 minutes, but don’t let the short timeframe fool you—it’s a half hour chocked full. The whole body workout at Curves includes strength training, cardio, and stretching. Because it’s so effective, you’ll feel the burn long after you walk out the door.  As a ladies gym, Curves recognizes women are busy, and we don’t have hours to spend working out.1

Curves offers all kinds of support

From the moment you walk in, Curves gives you the tools and support you need to reach your fitness relationship goals and set the stage for a healthier, more active you. These tools include:

  • An experienced, professional Curves Coach at every workout
  • Specialty classes
  • A one-on-one monthly coaching session
  • Safe and effective machines designed specifically for a fitness program for women
  • Curves member portal
  • Travel privileges so you can exercise in a Curves while traveling1

Curves provides comfort and encouragement

One of the reasons women are turned off by traditional gyms is because of the intimidation factor. Let’s face it, some gyms aren’t the most welcoming. According to one survey of 1,000 people across the U.S., 65 percent of women reported avoiding the gym for fear of being judged. Of men, only 36 percent had the same fears. The same survey found that 55 percent of women feared being judged for not being fit enough, and 49 percent feared judgment regarding their choice of workout attire.2 If you want a gym that offers a safe, supportive, judgment-free zone, a gym designed for women like Curves may be the best place for you. At Curves, you’ll get support and camaraderie from the real women working out beside you, as well as from your professional Curves Coach. 1

Curves is a comprehensive full body workout

The machines at Curves are specially designed for women. These machines are low-impact and target all your major muscle groups. The chest and back machine uses a pushing and pulling action to work the muscles in your chest and back. The ab / back machine strengthens your core from your abs to your lower back, improving your balance and posture. And the leg curl / leg extension works your quads and hamstrings, giving you the leg strength necessary to perform everyday activities like walking and bending down to pick up your child or grandchild without putting undo stress on the rest of your body.1

Curves classes maximize the benefits of a women’s fitness club

As a Curves member, you can take as many Curves classes as you choose. Classes range from lower to higher intensity, so you can find the best program for you. Curves classes include Cardio—a higher-intensity class that touches on strength, cardio, speed, power, flexibility, coordination and agility; Boxing—a higher-intensity class that combines strength, cardio, coordination, and balance in a traditional boxing format; Body Basics—a medium to lower-intensity class that focuses on strength-based functional movements emphasizing arms, legs, and core; and Balance—a lower-intensity class designed to help improve stability and strengthen your core.3

Curves will keep you accountable

The supportive, small group women’s fitness environment at Curves will make you less likely to skip your full body workout. To put more (positive) pressure on yourself to show up, ask a fellow Curves member to meet you to do the Circuit or a class at a certain time.4

You can customize Curves to you

With the help of your Curves Coach, you can design a workout and healthy eating plan that best meets your lifestyle and fitness needs. You can combine the strength training of the Curves Circuit with Curves classes, and up the intensity as you get stronger. As a member of Curves women’s fitness club, you’ll stay challenged, get fit, and make good friends who will support you on your journey toward better health.1

Curves are the largest network of fitness centers for women in the world. The Curves Circuit and our range of fitness programs deliver proven results through a combination of strength training, cardio, and weight loss meal planning. For more information about Curves women’s gyms, visit ‘Why Curves’.


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