Strength in Numbers

The more the merrier, and perhaps nowhere is this truer than at Curves. Not only is exercising with friends and family more fun, it’s extra motivating and provides a sense of accountability, too; you can’t roll over and go back to sleep when you know your buddy will have to go it alone, right? So, it should come as no surprise that there’s lots of good research to show all the benefits of sweating alongside some social support. Here are some of the most prominent perks:

There’s positive peer pressure

Healthy behaviors like exercise and eating well are contagious. A study1 published in the Journal of Social Sciences found people tend to mimic the exercise habits of those around them. When those exercise habits are good, they tend to lose more weight, too. In a 2016 study2 published in the journal Obesity, researchers found people lost more weight when they spent time with fit friends.

Losing weight seems to be particularly catchy among family members. In one study3 of 35 patients who had undergone gastric bypass, researchers found that after one year, friends and family members of those patients had lost between eight and 45 pounds. This equaled as much as five percent of their body weight—enough to lower their risk for heart disease and diabetes.

You’ve got to go

It’s a lot easier to skip a workout when you’ve only got yourself to disappoint. Knowing there’s someone waiting for you sparks the resolve you need to get results. A study4 published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found 76 percent of people who started a weight loss program alone completed it, compared to 95 percent of those who did the program with friends. Those in the friend group were also 42 percent more likely to keep the weight off.

You’ll boost your burn

When you work out with a friend or family member who is in better shape than you are, you’ll be more apt to exercise for a longer time and push yourself to the max. In one study5 of 58 women—half of whom exercised with a partner and the other half of whom exercised alone—the partnered group exercised an average of 21.89 minutes longer than those who did it solo.

And when researchers6 asked participants to do a series of planks by themselves or with an exercise buddy, they found those who did so with a fit partner increased their plank time by 24 percent.

You tap into the tribe mentality

When you engage in a group fitness programs like Curves circuit, you sweat, push and grunt your way through your workout—together. It’s a real unifying experience. And whether you exercise next to a friend, family member or co-worker, by bonding during a workout you will strengthen the bonds you have outside the gym, too.

It strengthens family ties

Whether it’s your mom, sister, aunt, or cousin, exercising with a family member will yield all the benefits we talked about above, and strengthen your relationships to boot. More specifically, exercising with family members:

  • Sets a positive healthy example for children and teens in your crew and prevents from spending too much time engaging in sedentary activities like video games and texting
  • Boosts self-confidence and overall mental health, which makes family relationships stronger
  • Gives family members a forum to connect and talk things out
  • Sets the stage for healthy eating and other beneficial habits for the family
  • Keeps everyone accountable for their exercise routine

While we all may have different health and strength goals or come with different levels of fitness, we all have one thing in common – a desire to reach our maximum potential for health and strength. At Curves, we find that it’s just so much easier to move forward towards your goals when you have a healthy support network. With your friends at Curves, your family and your Curves Coach by your side, we can work together towards a healthier and stronger life. Experience all the benefits that the Curves community has to offer – it’s a truly wonderful thing to be a part of!

At Curves, we live stronger, but more importantly, we live stronger together! For more information about Curves women’s gyms and our full body workout on the Curves Circuit, visit ‘Why Curves’. You can find your local Curves gym here.



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