Get the Balance You Need to Thrive with Curves

What’s on tap for your summer fun? Walking along a sandy beach? Hiking a woodsy hillside? Dancing the night away at a June wedding? You’ll enjoy any and all of those activities more when you have good balance.

Accomplishing day-to-day activities means you need to be steady on your feet. Walking, standing, sitting, and lifting all require balance and the better yours is, the easier those daily movements become, says Macie Lea, Manager of Science and Kinesiology.

As we get older, and our strength, flexibility, and proprioception (awareness of our body’s position in space) decline, so does balance. Unfortunately this loss increases our risk of falling and fracturing an arm, hip, or ankle. According to the National Institutes of Health, each year more than 2 million older Americans go to the emergency room because of fall-related injuries.

Getting a steadier foothold, maintaining your vertical, and thriving in your day-to-day living and leisure are easy if you build muscle strength, improve overall flexibility, and regularly practice moves that challenge balance to make it better. And you can accomplish all of that in one 30-minute class at Curves—taken a few times every week.

The Curves Balance Class* has as its foundation in the traditional Curves circuit—you travel around the circuit through the strength machines, and in between you perform a balance move. This might be as simple as standing on one leg to a more challenging cross-functional move, such as a curtsy lunge with an upper body movement.

The Balance Class strengthens all of the lower-body muscles essential to good balance as well as your core, which plays an important role in holding you steady and upright. Of course as with any Curves class, you finish with stretching to maintain good flexibility and prevent any tightness that might pull you off kilter.

“Since adding Balance to the Curves menu of fitness options, I’ve spoken with many members who said they never realized how unstable they were until they took the class. As they’ve become regulars, they’ve seen significant improvement in their balance and mobility,” says Lea.

Combine good balance with the strength and cardio fitness that comes with 30 minutes on the circuit and Curves works triple-time for you in only 30 minutes—it’s a formula for total fitness and good living. Visit ‘Why Curves’ for more information about Curves women’s only gyms!

*At participating locations.

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