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A Special Partnership with Military Makeover with Montel

In September 2018, two of our fantastic Curves team members, President Krishea Holloway and Business Development Manager Julie Ferrell, headed for Smithville, MO, to be part of an incredible Curves opportunity. They would visit the newly re-opened Curves in Liberty, MO, to meet with Curves franchise owner Deb Bice and her team who had agreed to be the host club for the filming of a very highly regarded television show – MILITARY MAKEOVER with its new host – Emmy award winning talk show host MONTEL WILLIAMS.

Military Makeover with Montel and a team of builders and designers, is a very special home improvement series that aims to respect those who have served our country, rebuild the homes—and even the lives—of these brave service men and women, and repay veterans for the service and sacrifices they’ve made for us.

Montel himself is a military veteran, earning three Meritorious Service Medals, two Navy Commendation Medals, two Navy Achievement Medals, and a number of other military awards and citations. Montel often says, “I never took the uniform off” because of his dedication to serving his fellow veterans.

Matthew and Rachel Moyers’ Incredible Journey

This season, Military Makeover will feature Matthew and Rachel Moyers. Matthew is an Air Force Veteran, and his wife Rachel works to serve other families through a military care-givers network. Now married for 13 years, Matthew and Rachel have 2 children. Matt served as a munitions systems craftsman – in other words, he built bombs. He carries seen and unseen wounds from his service including PTSD, depression, agoraphobia, and insomnia. His physical injuries include severe back trauma, a bicep that wasn’t properly reattached, and the shoulder of a 75-year-old man. He’s been shot in the stomach and forearm with six-inch nails, and his back injuries make it difficult for him to walk or stand for extended periods.

Strengthening Lives with Curves

When he returned to the U.S., Matt and Rachel suffered a number of personal and financial setbacks. If it weren’t for Rachel and his children, Matt wouldn’t be here today. When Curves was contacted about partnering with Military Makeover, they explained that they wanted to help a very special military wife who has been putting everyone else first and possibly neglecting her own well-being. Their vision was to help Rachel focus on her own health and fitness so that she could be strong and healthy for her family. We immediately thought that this sounded like a match made in Curves heaven.

Julie was able to provide Rachel with a consultation and circuit tour, and gave her the information, support, and tools needed to help Rachel get started making her health and fitness a priority and Krishea would share the Curves story and opportunity.

A Season You Don’t Want to Miss

The team at Military Makeover worked tirelessly to help make the Moyers’ home safe, up to date, and provide the family with improvements that would help meet Matt’s multiple medical needs. To help welcome the Moyers family home, several clubs from the surrounding area were on hand for the big reveal. With shouts and cheers and a true military tribute, the Moyers were welcomed back to their newly renovated home.

It’s no secret that Curves cares about our veterans and the people who are their caregivers. We jumped at the chance to help a military family and share the amazing benefits of Curves with a national television audience in such a meaningful way. It was an absolute honor and a thrill to be a part of this gift to the Moyers family and to give them not just an improved home, but an improved life is truly priceless.

If you missed any of the Moyers’ journey, you can watch highlights and past episodes online at https://militarymakeover.tv/family/moyers-family/

If you’re looking to get started on your nutrition journey, get started with Curves Nutrition & Weight Management Program today! For more information on Curves and the Curves Circuit, visit ‘Why Curves’ or find your local Curves club here and speak with a Curves Coach about starting your fitness journey today!

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