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October 2016 Featured Curves Moves

October is a great time to ramp up your fitness commitment before the holidays arrive! Get to your club and try a specialty fitness class (like our new Curves Cardio class). You always have the support of a Curves Coach when you’re on the circuit – ask them for modifications or extra help with new moves.

Get a sneak peek at a featured move and machine this month:


Begin on the floor with your legs to the side and your hand placed just outside your hip.  Extend your legs to the side and either stack or stagger your feet.  Press your hips up so your body is in a straight line.  Your bottom hand should be under your shoulder planted solidly on the ground and your upper arm should be raised towards the ceiling parallel to the supporting hand.  Keeping the hips lifted, maintain this position for the duration of the set.

This is a great move to work your obliques and arms.



Having strong legs can help you perform everyday activities without causing stress on the rest of the body. Kicking a soccer ball with your family, bending down to put away groceries and even walking your dog can all be easier with stronger legs!

This machine strengthens your quads and hamstrings.

Attending a Curves fitness class or regular circuit 3-4 times per a week can help you achieve the health and fitness goals you were meant to achieve in just 30 minutes per session. See you on the circuit!

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