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November 2016 Featured Curves Moves

Give thanks for a healthy body and treat your muscles to a challenging circuit workout with Curves. Let’s get ready for a strong, healthy month. Watch these two featured exercises – one from our new Curves Cardio Class*:


Stand, shifting most of your weight to your left leg and step your right leg out to the right then slightly behind you.  Tap your toe and return it to the starting position. The arms will be pumping as if you were running.  The majority of your weight will be on the front foot.

This is a great cardio move without having to add plyometrics.


The Shoulder Press/Lat Pull machine exercises the trapezius (also called your “traps”), the deltoids in your shoulders, and the lattissimus dorsi along your back (commonly known as your “lats”).  It’s important to make sure you’re using this machine correctly to get the best workout.

As you establish proper alignment in the machine & grasp the handles, place a little pressure on the handles so that your start with your hands at your shoulder height. Move the machine as fast as you can in both directions while maintaining proper form and your full range of motion. Try not to hesitate on the top or bottom of the movement.  Stopping for too long to switch directions takes up time you could be using to perform more repetitions! Forcefully push the handle bars up quickly to effectively work your deltoids and trapezius. Pull the handle bars back down to starting position just as quickly in order to work your latissimus dorsi to its fullest potential. Keep your elbows tucked in close to help target the appropriate muscle groups

This is a fantastic machine for strengthening and toning the shoulders.

Attending a Curves fitness class* or regular circuit 3-4 times per a week can help you achieve the health and fitness goals you were meant to achieve in just 30 minutes per session. See you on the circuit!

*Scheduled at participating locations only.

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