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May 2017 Featured Moves and Machine

Low box runner

Benefits: This is a great variation to a traditional run-in-place move. It also is a bit more multi-dimensional by adding the toe tap, which adds balance.

How to do it:

As you perform a jogging motion, tap each foot out to the front and then bring it back to center as if tapping on a box placed in front of you. Move arms in opposition to leg movement or hold them steady to the sides.

Curtsy Lunge with Lat Pull Down

Benefits: Finding your balance while in an unstable position can help you increase your strength and coordination.

How to do it:

This move works to improve your balance and create stability with your foot placement. Step one foot back behind the other into a curtsy lunge. Bend your front leg slightly, while leaving your rear leg straight. Reach your arms overhead in to a high “V”. As you lower down, perform a lat pull down with one arm. Return your arm to the start position as you stand back up. Keep lunging and pulling to work your lower body and lats.

Sumo Squat Punch Hi/Lo

Benefits: This move will work your thighs and core. Adding the high and low punches allows you to work your arms too.

How to do it:

Start by standing in a sumo stance with your feet wide apart. Lower into a squat while simultaneously using one arm to punch towards the floor. As you come up, punch in an upward motion with the same hand. Continue to lower into a squat and rise up using your legs while continuing to punch up and down with each squat. Move as fast as you can, without compromising your form.

Inch Worm

Benefits: Being able to move from standing, to the floor, and getting back up is essential as we age. This is a whole body workout that helps you work on your balance, coordination, and strength.

How to do it:

Begin standing with your feet hip width apart. Lean forward and reach for the ground. With your hands on the ground, walk them out to the front until you are in a plank position. Then immediately walk your hands back toward your feet, touch your toes, and repeat.

Featured Machine: Bicep / Tricep

Benefit: This machine will help strengthen the arms for ease of overall daily living such as lifting and carrying things, doing house work, or being more active with family.

The Bicep / Tricep machine will strengthen your biceps and triceps, which make up the front and back of the arm. Reach over top of the chest pad and place your wrists between the pads. Alternate arms as you pull up with one arm and push down with the other.



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