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March 2017 Featured Moves and Machine

Squat Side Shuffle

Benefit: Time to increase your cardiovascular endurance with constant movement. Incorporating a squat with a side shuffle adds intensity to your workout.

While maintaining a squatted position, shuffle your feet to the left two steps and squat down and touch the ground. Then shuffle back to the right two steps and touch the ground again. Stay low with your back straight and your chest up while shuffling. Pull your belly button into your spine. Your hands should be up in the front. Use quick deliberate steps side to side. Stay low and squatted throughout the duration of the movement.

Swimmer Reach

Benefit: A strong core and back are essential for everyday movement. This move allows you to work both while giving you appropriate support in the process.

Lie prone on the ground, arms bent and at sides with hands placed near shoulders. Legs extended on floor behind you. Keep the spine straight and aligned. Extend one arm to the front, off the floor while simultaneously lifting the opposite leg off the floor, keeping your knees straight as you lift. Return both the arm and leg back to the starting position and repeat with the other arm and leg. Continue to alternate sides always using limbs in opposition.

Jab/Elbow strike/Duck

Benefit: Keeping your mind and body moving at the same speed is important if you plan to continue to be active throughout your life. This move incorporates upper body exercises along with balance and a bit of strength for an overall great workout.

In a boxer stance, with both hands in fists guarding the face, raise the rear elbow into a horizontal position with your hand close to your shoulder. Snap that shoulder forward with the elbow in the lead. As the elbow hits the target, retract the arm back to the starting position. Be sure to pivot the rear foot as you snap the elbow forward. The hips should be square to the front when the elbow hits the imaginary target. Then bend your knees and lower your torso as you go into a deep wide leg squat. From the lowered position, shift your weight from the front leg to the rear while slightly bending forward to duck below an imaginary punch. Continue ducking front to back in a fluid motion coming down, shifting your weight, and returning to the upright position.

Static Sumo Squat w/ Arms Overhead

Benefit: Being still can be a very effective way to get fit. The static squat works your lower body and core and by raising your arms overhead you engage the whole upper body too.

Begin with feet wider than hip width apart, arms straight up overhead. Squat your bum down towards the ground bringing your thighs parallel to the floor and hold. Be sure your bum is tucked slightly under so you don’t arch your back. Keep your core held tight and breathe.

Featured Machine: Ab/Back Machine

Benefit: This machine engages your whole core to help strengthen it for mobility, posture, and balance.

This machine works your abdominals and erector spinae. Sit on the seat and grasp the handles keeping your arms rigid but not locked. Hold your abdominals tight and maintain good posture. Exhale as you push the machine down. Pull the machine back to the starting position. Pause at the top before pushing to fully engage your core.

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