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February 2017 Featured Moves and Machine

Kick off a strong February with these intensive, but empowering moves to try at home.

Semi-Circle Mountain Climber

Benefit: This is a great cardio and core exercise while also incorporating your upper body.

Start in a plank position. From here, walk your feet up to one side and back to a plank before walking them up to the other side. Keep your butt down and head in neutral alignment. Continue to walk your legs to the left and right using your core and watching your form.

Ski Jump

Benefit: Simple yet effective, this move will have you build your strength in your core and legs while also allowing you to maintain constant control of your movement.

Stand with your feet hip width apart with your arms down to your sides. Lower into a squat and then immediately press back up bringing your hands out to the front then up overhead as you fully extend your legs going up onto your toes. Pause here. Lower your heels back to the floor, and again lower into another squat bringing your hands back to your sides. Press up again as you perform a ski jump motion. Be sure to keep your core tight and stand up all the way and move in a fluid motion.

Cross, Jab, and Jab

Benefit: A strong upper body will be accomplished with this move.

From the boxers’ stance, rotate your hips and upper body as you pivot your rear foot lifting your heel off the ground. With your front arm, drop your fist slightly behind and swing it upwards as you exhale. This punch lands with the palm facing your face, at shoulder height. Perform the same movement with the other hand. Keep this punch compact and recover your stance quickly. From here, exhale as you extend your front fist straight out from your chin at shoulder height. Recoil that arm and slightly squaring up the hips to the front, bring your rear hand out to the imaginary target, rotating your fist to land with your palm down as you perform another punch.

Squat with Windmill

Benefit: Being able to balance in multiple planes will allow you more opportunities as you move through your day.

Stand with your feet close together. Bend both legs about 45 degrees, keeping back straight and reaching arms out to the sides. Place the right arm to the outside of the left leg and pause. Return to center and continue to move to the other side and place the left arm to the outside of the right leg and pause.

Featured Machine: Pec Dec

Benefits: This machine works your pectorals, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi and trapezius.

Sit in the machine with your back against the seat back. Place elbows between the pads so your elbows are even with the midline of your chest. Grasp handles and bring arms forward using your pectorals to pull your arms together. Push the machine back to the starting position using your back. This machine will strengthen your upper body and help you maintain good posture as you age.

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