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December 2017 Featured Moves and Machine

Adductor/Abductor Leg Swing

Moving in different planes helps improve our balance for daily activities.

Start by standing sideways on your mat with your feet hip distance apart. Raise your arms out to your sides. Shift your weight onto your left foot and raise your right leg out to your side. Swing your leg from right to left while holding your core tight. Continue back and forth swinging the same leg. After 15 seconds, switch sides and repeat on the left side.

Monkey Squats

This move will challenge your flexibility.

Begin by standing with your feet hip distance apart. Bend forward in to a squat, placing your hands on your toes. From here, straighten your legs bringing your buttocks up in to the air, while keeping your hands on your toes. Lower back down in to the squat.

Speed Squat

This is a power move that will get your heart rate up while toning your legs and buttocks.

Begin with feet shoulder or hip width apart. Quickly drop down into a squat bringing the quadriceps parallel to the ground while swinging your arms up to the front. From here quickly thrust back up to the starting position with your tailbone tucked and belly button pulled into your spine. Be sure to keep your knees slightly bent at the top position. Inhale on the down and exhale as you stand back up.

Elbow Strike

This move will ignite your inner warrior, engage your core to create force and balance as you strike.

From a boxers’ stance, with both hands in fists guarding the face, rise the rear elbow into a horizontal position with your hand close to your shoulder. Snap that shoulder forward with the elbow in the lead. As the elbow hits the target, retract the arm back to the starting position. Be sure to pivot the rear foot as your snap the elbow forward. The hips should be square to the front when the elbow hits the imaginary target.


This machine will build strong, toned legs for keeping up with your kids or grandkids this winter.

This machine will strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and iliopsoas. Stand in the machine with your hip over your ankle. Flex forward at the waist, grasp handles and brace your chest and elbows against the pads. Keep your bottom knee soft but stable for support. Place foot on pedal and extend the machine backwards fast. Bring pedal back in slowly to the starting position.

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