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December 2016 Featured Curves Moves

It’s December and there is no better time to make sure you stick to your regular fitness schedule.  Between holiday parties and hectic schedules, commit to a regular fitness routine at least three times per week. At Curves, you can get a total body workout: stretching, strength training and cardio, all in 30 minutes. 

Take a look at the featured Curves moves for December. 

Move: Down Dog*

This move comes from the Curves Balance Class*. Kneel down onto your hands and knees with your wrists underneath your shoulders and your knees under your hips.  Curl your toes under and push back raising the hips and straightening the legs so your bottom is in the air lengthening from your tailbone.  Keep the knees straight but not locked and heels lifted slightly off the floor.  With hands on the ground firm up the outer arms and press the base of the hand into the floor.  Keep your head between your arms.  Your body should be in a straight line from the hands to the hips and from hips to the ankles. 

Machine: Leg Extension/Leg Curl

The Leg Extension/Leg Curl Machine will help you strengthen your quadriceps on the front of your thigh and your hamstrings on the back of your thigh.

Below are some tips to help you get the most out of this machine:
– After entering the machine, place your ankles between the roller pads.
– Make sure your knees line up with the hinge joint on the machine.  If you are taller or have longer legs, the wedge pad may help.  If you are shorter or have shorter legs, the back pad may help.  Your Coach can assist in making sure you have the proper alignment.
– Grasp the support handles to keep your hips planted in the seat.
– Push the machine up as fast as you can.  Avoid completely locking out your knee joints.
– Immediately pull the machine back down to starting position as fast as you can.  Don’t let gravity help you.


Attending a Curves fitness class* or regular circuit 3-4 times per a week can help you achieve the health and fitness goals you were meant to achieve in just 30 minutes per session. See you on the circuit!

*Scheduled at participating locations only.

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