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August 2016 Featured Curves Moves

Ahh, August! If it’s hot enough to be sweating outside, you might as well be sweating inside with Curves! Get strength training, cardio and stretching in 30 minutes flat on the Curves Circuit. Then get back outside and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Here’s a look at two featured Curves workout moves:

Oblique Machine:

This machine assists with strengthening the core to aid in proper posture which will help with balance and mobility.


Stand sideways on your mat with your feet hip width apart.  Shift your weight to your left foot and put your arms up overhead to a wide “V”.  Slowly lift your right leg out to the side and to about 45 degrees.  Hold for as long as you can, lower your leg and repeat.  Stay on the same leg for the full 30 seconds and perform the same movement on the other leg the next time around the circuit.

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*Scheduled at participating locations only.

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