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Love to Dance? You’ll Love Curves

Show some affection for your heart and start dancing at the Curves Dance and Tone Class Dance is a low-impact cardiovascular activity. It burns calories to help you manage your weight, strengthens your heart muscle, raises cardiorespiratory efficiency, increases your stroke volume (meaning you pump more blood with every beat of your heart), and, in general, improves your overall cardiovascular health, lowering your risk for heart disease. Plus, it’s fun. Let’s take a closer look.

The Science

A small study involving 20 overweight older women examined the effects of a 12-week program that involved a combination of aerobic exercise, resistance exercise, and Korean dance on three days a week. The researchers found that the program lowered LDL (bad) cholesterol, increased muscle in arms and legs, and improved the health of the carotid artery.

The Dance and Tone Class

Resistance training plus aerobic exercise plus dance? Sounds like the Curves Dance and Tone Class. In this variation of the traditional Circuit, you work each strength machine for 1 minute instead of 30 seconds and in between the machines you’ll do 1 minute of dancing—a little salsa, cha cha, disco, swing, hip-hop, and funk. At the end of the class, you’ll cool down with some stretching. It’s fun, effective, and good for your heart: it burns calories, builds muscle, and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

If you are intimidated by the thought of dancing, don’t be. Each 1-minute dance on the circuit is a variation on a march. You might step forward or back or side to side, and add in a little hip action or some arm movements, but anyone can do it promises June Kahn, fitness educator, dancer, and designer of Curves Dance and Tone.

And if you want to crank up the cardio for even more heart-health benefit, rise higher on the balls of your feet when the dance move takes you up and go lower to the floor when the dance steps takes you down.


Now that your heart is beating with excitement for this class, head to your local Curves and check it out.

*Scheduled at participating locations only.

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